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Exclusive pic of Cheryl’s new tattoo

You have probably already seen pictures of Cheryl entering the XFactor studios showing a bit of her new inked flesh, but we, at Girls Alol, can exclusively reveal Cheryl’s modified brand new tattoo in full, have a look:

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Most likely to be the best decision Louis Walsh has ever made. Points for Chim too <3

 The day Kimberley’s dream come true, and not for entering PSTR ( watch 1:20 )

Cheryl Cole has bleached her pubes.
That’s two black cunts she’s got rid of this year.



0:38 - 1:15

A presenter asking Cheryl and Kimberley if anyone in Girls Aloud is bisexual or lesbian. The looks on their faces all through give them away and then Kimberley sells them out at the end by saying her and Cheryl have kissed when they’ve had a few drinks.

Cheryl and Kimberley constantly look at each other all through answering the questions.

When Cheryl is talking to the presenter, asking her if she is bisexual, Kimberley is silent and painting her nails. Very unlike her.

When the presenter asks them if they’ve ever kissed a girl, Cheryl stays silent looking at Kimberley, then it’s written all over her face.

Also, Sarah’s ‘welllllll’ contributes to the outing of Chim.

 You can actually hear the nerves in Kimberley’s voice.

 From 0:49 to 0:53 you can cleary see Cheryl thinking “OMG BITCH IS NOT ASKING THAT!! I’M GOING TO SOPHIE AMOGBOKPA HER!!!!”


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Pride of Britain Awards

Once more this year, The Pride of Britain Awards took place in London, and of course our girls were there to support the heroes (well, minus Nadine, she must have lost her passport again).

Cheryl and Nic arrived together wearing black and pink, and Kimberley was seen entering the ceremony with her grandmoth… no, wait, with Sarah. Oh, and apparently Cheryl and Kimberley shared jewelry (really girls? really? What’s going to be next? Matching tattoos?).


The highlight of the ceremony was the Nation’s Sweetheart getting pied in the face (Sarah was too pissed to do it) with a lemon meringue by a twelve year old, Cameron Coyle. The kid raised £6,000 for it and later that day was sent a £1,000 worth Tesco voucher by an anonymous person (signed by a mysterious B.A.B). And although it was Cheryl the one receiving the meringue, it was Kimberley the one who was seen the day after entering the drycleaners with a lemon stained dress,  but we don’t understand that really well…



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Kimberley does work too.

This last week, Kymberley, made room in her busy schedule (yes, we classify sitting on Cheryl’s dressing room every weekend as busy schedule) to attend the launch of the New Look flagship Ireland store. You can see some pics here.

CAUTION! Amnesia Walsh was looking hot!

Cheryl Cole in LA

Cheryl Cole jetted off to LA to meet with Derek Hough earlier this week; it’s the first time the couple has been seen together since they allegedly broke up after Hough borrowed her favorite pair of shoes without permission.  We hope Cheryl has forgiven him and this believable and bright-futured relationship its cruising right along again.


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